Thursday Announcements

Thursday Nov. 16

Lunch: Thanksgiving Dinner

A Month of Gratitude: TODAY give thanks for cooks who spend lots of extra time making delicious meals for us, including Thanksgiving dinners at SCHOOL!
Chamber Singers -- our only rehearsal next week will now be on Tuesday morning at 7:30 November 21. (We changed because of the Juniors going on the Church History field trip). No conflicts please. Please plan ahead.
Musical cast and crew, please fill out the Google Form that is on Classroom. If enough people don't RSVP, the event will need to be cancelled. Thank you.
Musical cast and crew, please get your scripts to Mrs. Nice ASAP.
Update from the Library. Drawing for the $25 Gift Card will take place next week Wednesday. It takes only minutes to join and post about what book you are reading.
Currently 20 people have fines at the library. Your name has either been in the announcements before or you have been sent an email from Mrs. Van't Hul. Get these taken care of sooner than later!!
If you missed the Competitive Speech meeting yesterday but are interested, you can talk to Mrs. Christians or Ms. Mastbergen.
Sophomores and Juniors will be taking the Iowa Assessment tests again today during periods 5-8. Please report to the same room you tested in on Tuesday.
The bells will not be on this afternoon due to testing.
Students in Mrs. Christians' 6th period Speech and 7th period Bible, go to room 308 for class today.
Seniors in soc, please go to Mr. Negen's room today.
Faith Packs will meet next week Tuesday. If you are a food or drinks person for your group, keep that in mind!
4th period Architecture students, meet at bus barn after you eat today. Dress warm.

Counselor Appointments:
Today: 2nd Period - Emilee Heynen



(Chapel days) Normally Tues and Thurs.

Period 1 8:35 - 9:17

Chapel 9:20 - 9:48

Period 2 9:51 - 10:31

Period 3 10:34 - 11:14

Per 4: 11:56-12:35

Per. 4 11:17-11:56

Period 5 12:38 - 1:16

Period 6 1:19 - 1:57

Break 1:57 - 2:06

Period 7 2:09 - 2:47

Period 8 2:50 - 3:28

(NON- Chapel days)

Period 1 8:35 - 9:17

Period 2 9:20 -10:00

Break 10:00-10:12

Period 3 10:15-10:55

Per 4: 11:36-12:16

Per. 4 10:58-11:38

Period 512:19-1:01

Period 6 1:04-1:46

Break  1:46-1:58

Period 7  2:01-2:43

Period 8  2:46 - 3:28

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