Weekly News

Update from the Spiritual Life Coordinator:

It's been a very special week for us at Western as we welcomed Jolene DeHeer for our Spiritual Emphasis chapels Monday-Wednesday and then on Thursday our Faith Packs reflected on her messages and her passion for serving Christ. If your son or daughter has not shared with you any of Jolene's stories or messages, I encourage you to ask for any highlights they would like to share. She is a phenomenal storyteller but more than that, she is a woman who is obviously in love with her Savior! The kids saw that clearly.

Jolene was also available on Wednesday night to meet with parents and offer encouragement, stories, and advice on the topic of Love and Limits. One parent who attended admitted that she quickly understood how her own child could sit in an hour-long chapel each day with Jolene leading the way; that parent said she could have listened to Jolene for a second hour if she had continued talking. I think our kids were surprised at how quickly our chapel time passed this week too.

Jolene's bubbly passion for serving Christ made such an impression on your kids. So many kids stated that they'd love to have that kind of enthusiasm in their faith. Jolene gave lots of great ideas on how to seek, maintain, or strengthen a real relationship with Christ. She didn't keep it a secret at all. She shared the same great advice to parents, and I'd like to close my summary today with the same advice: Get in the Word. As I visited with Jolene, it was so clear to me that her life is anchored--ANCHORED--in God's Word. She loves it, she reads it, she prays over it, she joyfully opens it often. What a testimony for anyone who has the blessing of being around her. What a blessing we can be to our kids and our kids can be to each other when we, too, live in His Word! Psalm 119: 89, "Your word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens."

Counselor's Corner

This next week, Monday and Tuesday, I will be talking to the freshmen, sophomores and juniors about registering for classes for next year. Online registration through JMC will be open Monday - Thursday. Registration will close the end of the day Thursday. We ask that you discuss with your student what classes they plan to take next year. I will be sharing the Course Description Booklet with them, so that students are able to see the descriptions for all of the classes. We have two new course offerings for next year, Digital Publications and Film Literature.


Grade: 10-12 Length: 1 or 2 sem. Credits: 1 or 2

Prerequisite: None

This class provides students with the knowledge and 21st Century skills necessary to produce WCHS student publications including, but not limited to Strums (yearbook) and Arrow. Journalistic skills covered will include gathering information, writing, editing, basic design, photography, layout and production will be covered. Students will work with online programs to produce publications. Those who enroll should possess good communication skills, both written and verbal. This course will require extra time outside of class to complete yearbook coverage assignments.

FILM LITERATURE (offered every other year opposite Creative Writing)


Grade: 11-12 Length: 1 semester Credit: 1

This is a study of the cinematic arts, an evaluation of films dating back to Edison's "moving pictures" and Charlie Chaplin's silent films. We study a range of films through time, determining key filming techniques that defined film as we know it today. This course is also designed to give students experience writing, planning, directing, filming, and editing an original short film. The course urges students to contemplate the question, "How can I use film as a tool to glorify God?"

Strums is looking for cross country pictures from state. If anyone has some they would be willing to share we would appreciate it.

From the Tech office:
As we grow in technology usage at Western, we will be using JMC more and more for communication with parents in the future months. We want parents to make it a habit to use the JMC parent portal for all types of communications involving your children. Please take some time in the next week to update any parental settings that we might need for communication including phone numbers and email preferences. Currently you can use JMC to check lunch and tuition balances, check grade reports and absences. In the future, we plan to use JMC to do some online registration this summer and include other types of communications that currently require us to mail out information to parents. If you have any questions, or need assistance in remembering your login information please contact Mark Fenchel @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

LUNCH MENUS Monday, Feb. 12 - Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Potato Wedge, Corn, Charlie Brown Pie

Tuesday, Feb. 13 - Grilled cheese, chef's salad, Bar

Wednesday, Feb. 14 - Cream Turkey/mashed potatoes, Bread Stick, Beans, Cake

Thursday, Feb. 15 - Chicken & Broccoli soup, cinnamon roll

Friday - Feb. 16 - Taco in a bag, Peas, Bar







Chapel - Kayla Bartman

Girls Basketball Regional @ Western - 7p






Chapel - Katie Nice

Boys Basketball District @ Western - 8p

State Wrestling



FFF - Dress Up Theme - Formal Day

Activity - The Annual WC Talent Show

Girls Basketball Regional @ Western - 7p

State Wrestling



State Wrestling

Large Group Speech All State Festival

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