Fun Fridays in February

Feb 2  Dress-up Theme: Groutfit Day (all grey)
Activity: Gaga Ball....FaithPack teams

Feb 9 Dress-up Theme: Character Day
Activity: The Dating Game

Feb 16Dress-up Theme: Formal Day
Activity: The Annual WC Talent Show

Feb 20-23 FFA Week
Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day
Activity: 9:15 Toy Tractor Races
Bake sale
Wednesday: Hick Day
Activity: Bake sale
Thursday: Camo Day
Activity: Faculty Appreciation breakfast

9:15 FFA Chapel
Afternoon Break (extended): Penny in the Hay search
6:30 FFA Game Night
Friday: Freedom Friday
Activity: 9:15 Apple and Onion Bobbing

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