Second Century of Service Project

Our Mission: The mission of Western Christian High School is to provide God-centered secondary education to young men and women using the Bible and its principles as the foundation for the total curriculum.

Looking to the Future: TheWestern Christian Board of Directors and constituency approved a major fund raising campaign in 2014 for  major renovations and facility improvements that have allowed Western Christian to move forward with major programming changes that  are benefitting students and employers in northwest Iowa.

The needs that were identified included the following in order of highest priority.

  1. Because of the area of the country in which Western is located Western should offer a Vocational Ag program that would include an agriculture curriculum and vocational tech experiences.
  2. A facility that is capable of hosting a number of activities including performing arts, athletics, banquets, and other events.
  3. A new identifiable entrance that is visitor friendly and greatly enhances security at the school.


Facility Improvement Needs

 2nd Century Service 2b

Science, Engineering, and Agriculture Facility Renovation: The necessary square footage for our offerings in the sciences and agriculture were available in the current facility but needed to be renovated and updated for today’s faculty and students. The last update for Western’s science facilities prior to these improvements was 50years ago and with the changes since then in knowledge, technology, and teaching methods a significant renovation was necessary. In addition to updating the science wing Western’s has initiated an agriculture curriculum that is FFA certified. In order for us to be FFA certified we needed to dedicate space to an agriculture program. Western did this by renovating the former Family/Life classroom which was just down the hall from the science wing and dedicate that space to the agriculture curriculum. The Family/Life space  has been relocated to the second floor of the facility where there was significant unused classroom space. The costs for the science and agriculture facility needs were $1,733,184.


Western Event Center: Many schools have constructed auditoriums that are used by their students in drama and music performances. This new construction can be quite expensive. Western Christian challenged the architect to think creatively and use current square footage to provide a high quality venue that our students can use for drama, music, chapel, athletic practices, and other after school activities. Western Christian also encouraged the architect to design this facility for other activities such as banquets, receptions, and other events. Renovations included updating music practice rooms, storage for music and athletics, renovation of the gym/auditorium and stage, and adding dressing rooms for drama. The costs for th8s facility upgrade were $2,164,574.


New Defined Entrance & Lobby: Previously, Western Christian has no clearly defined entrance to the school and it was unclear for visitors on where to find services. In today’s culture the safety and security of our students and staff is also a major concern. In order to address this need Western Christian  created a more defined entrance to the school, provided a lobby and welcome area for the Western Event Center, and enhanced the security of our entire facility. Costs  were approximately $565,112. 

Corridors and HVAC Updating: Western Christian also updated dark and unsightly corridors in some of the older areas of the facility that were not updated in the mid 90’s renovation. In addition, the boiler and some of the HVAC systems had been used beyond their normal useful life and were significantly inefficient in their energy consumption and maintenance.  Air conditioning was also added to most of the school. The cost of these updates were $2,385,678. 

Western Fund: Startup costs for an agriculture curriculum certified for FFA are significant plus it is the board’s desire to keep tuition costs at minimal increases annually as much as possible. Currently tuition for non-chapter students is $7,550 and $5,250 for students from churches who have fair share programs. It is Western’s desire to raise $100,000 annually beyond current income generating programs (Auction, Spring Drive) over the next five years. This fund will insure the success of current and new programs for Western Christian in its Second Century of Service to the King. $500,000.

Total Campaign amount: $7,348,548. 


"The Board of Trustees is truly excited to see the results of our Strategic Planning Process bear fruit with this initiative. We believe these facility and curriculum improvements meet a broad spectrum of needs in the sciences (including agriculture), the fine arts (drama and music), technology, school security, and infrastructure, while at the same time being efficient with our current space and maintaining the financial integrity of the school. We are confident these improvements will aide us in our mission of developing well-rounded students and disciples for Christ, while also strategically positioning Western Christian to thrive as we move into the next century of providing high quality Christian education. Ultimately, we believe these steps reinforce the institutional goal of.....Learning to Serve the King!”   Kevin Gesink, President of Board of Directors


 Scale of Giving




Number        Gift or Statement of Intent Range (over 5 years)              Total


1                      $500,000     $100,000 per year)                                               $   500,000

                     2                      $250,000     ($50,000 per year)                                                $,   500,000

                     10                   $100,000     ($20,000 per year)                                                $1,000,000

                     40                   $50,000        ($10,000 per year)                                                $2,000,000

                     40                   $25,000        ($5,000 per year)                                                   $1,000,000

                      100                 $10,000        ($2,000 per year)                                                  $1,000,000

                      200                 $5,000          ($1,000 per year)                                                    $1,000,000

                      200                 $2,500          ($500 per year)                                                         $   500,000

                      593                                                                                                                              $7,500,000

Total  in gifts, pledges, and expectancies as of December 31, 2016                               $4,949,000

 We have been blessed by many alumni, friends, and businesses that have made commitments so far. As you can see we have a long ways to go. Construction on the project was completed in September of 2016.  If you  have not been contacted but would be willing to help financially please call Wes Fopma, Director of Development at Western Christian High School at 712-449-5382 (cell number).




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